Pregnancy and childbirth are natural life events. The holistic approach at Gentle Birth Care includes the physical, emotional, spiritual, familial, and cultural aspects of childbearing.  The midwife monitors the well-being of the mother; provides  her and her family with individualized education, counseling, & prenatal care; and supports and assists her during labor, birth, and the postpartum. Women are treated with love and respect in a humane and safe home setting. 

Gentle Birth Care Philosophy

  • At Gentle Birth Care, we believe pregnancy and childbirth are a natural part of a woman’s life and usually proceed normally.  With guidance, many discomforts and potential problems can be alleviated. Healthy habits facilitate the body’s work during this miraculous process.
  • We believe that less intervention is best but carry emergency equipment and medicines to use in case they are needed. We believe that it is the individual's privilege and responsibility to make health care decisions according to their own best interests, and it is the midwife's responsibility to provide information and resources to enable them to make fully informed choices.
  • We respect the significance of cultural and religious beliefs and understand that a woman’s beliefs, and those of her family, influence the health of both mother and baby. We honor a woman’s ability to give birth in her own unique way with the support and encouragement of her loved ones, and in the comfort and security of her own home.

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